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 Connie's Testimonial In Full:

Dear Paula,

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your expert training assistance at a recent training seminar in Everett. I have to admit feeling a little intimidated at first, since the seminar was primarily for the Everett police K9 handlers. But both you and the other instructor made me feel very welcome and took time to make sure that my own needs were addressed.

This training was absolutely the best thing I have ever done for my dog and me. As you know, Yury’s intensely strong prey drive had been the source of many horrible incidents, where he would take off chasing other people’s dogs or cats, scaring people to death in the process. Although I went through much obedience training with him (three obedience classes from two different trainers, agility training by a third trainer, and private home instruction by yet another trainer, not to mention hours and hours of on-our-own practice), I had virtually NO voice control when he was off leash and around other animals. Otherwise, he minded me fairly well. But I was greatly limited in what I could do with him, for he had to be on line ALL THE TIME – on a trail, in a dog park, even at the beach!

Although I took care to have him on line always, I found it impossible to avoid accidents. Once his prong collar fell off, just as a cat was walking by, and after it he went, cornering it in a neighbor's garage. Another time I didn’t realize the front screen door had not closed completely, but he discovered it, just as my elderly neighbor walked by with his poodle. Out the door he charged, knocking down my neighbor, who fortunately was not hurt and was a good sport about it. As you know, he is not an aggressive dog, but just gets super excited around other animals. He never hurt anyone or any animal, but he severely frightened many people. I knew I was courting an eventual lawsuit, and I was beginning to consider finding him another home. I was feeling desperate and sick at heart, for I love him so much and couldn’t stand the thought of parting with him.

Now, since the seminar, we have been SET FREE!! I take him around the neighborhood, heeling, with virtually perfect control. He retrieves in the field across the street from the notorious "kitty house" wherein live multiple cats he has chased in the past - and he barely glances over, his focus intent on retrieving his toy. My neighbors are in awe!! I have taken him to several different parks since the seminar. I can let him off leash, he can run around, sniff, have fun, even chase a few squirrels, and I can RECALL HIM WHEN I WANT!!! I feel like Santa has come!!!

His attention to me has improved 110 percent. He now actually follows through on commands the first time!! What a miracle!! He accepts the collar and does not mind when I put it on. I think he realizes the increased freedom and fun times it has bought him!! I feel sorry for all those skeptics who refuse to even consider e-collar training and mistakenly view e-collars as a device used only to punish behavior. So many dogs have been given up or euthanized for unruly behavior, even by owners who have attended many hours of training, as I had. I am only sorry I did not know about this earlier. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!

Connie Kehrer & Yury

Connie Kehrer and Yury, Marysville, WA


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