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 Read Zach's (a Pomeranian) full testimonial! Here's a sample: "Life is swell. I am calm and self-assured and I owe it all to Paula McCollum. I would recommend her training skills to any and all who have a problem with their pet. So to all of you pets who have “issues” be sure to tell your owner because I know Paula can help you."

Anita Campbell and Zachary, Boise, ID

 I have taken 2 dogs through Precision K-9’s training. What a difference it has made! Now we can enjoy our walks and I’m proud to have my dogs in public places. I have finally found an effective way to communicate with my dogs!

Joan Smith, Fiona and Sybil, Nampa, ID

   We were at our wit's end with our "problem dog" and were told by most trainers it would take weeks, if not months to solve Buddy's behavioral problems. (Bolting out the door, Running away, behavioral inappropriate urination) After only a few hours with Paula's help, we were able to walk him without a leash through distractions and temptations! No more problems, just that fast! I'd recommend this course to anyone, problem dog or not!

Cheyenne Stamp and Buddy, Boise, ID

 I have been an evangelizer of your services. Before we brought Lord Abercrombie to you, my wife had had it with the dog. She was on the phone several times with the breeder talking about bringing him back. He bit and chewed everything. He tugged on the leash. Obey was a foreign concept to him. We had even taken him to a separate trainer for a 13 week course. It was all to no avail. Within 20 minutes of working with you in the park, despite distractions from other animals and rowdy children, Crombie stayed by our side and did what we said. After only two lessons from you, we can take him on walks through the neighborhood without using a leash. He stays by our side--even if we walk in circles. He no longer bites us. My wife loves him again. Thanks Paula!

Rob Campbell & Crombie, Meridian, ID

 I just got back from a weekend in Boise, ID where I had a full weekend working with Paula. I drove the 420 miles from Portland because of Paula's reputation. I can't say enough about this young lady. She is really driven to learn all she can about training and is able to pass on her knowledge to the client in an easily understood manner. Odin and I will be seeing her again.

Lew (Rick Lewis) and Odin, Portland, OR

 Training has been great with Mitzy. We are able to walk on trails in the foothills with Mitzy staying right next to our side, even when dogs are passing. She used to go wild. Mitzy also now retreives and can catch a frisbee out of the air. She will even sit still and let kids pet her. The training has really made a significant difference. She seems happier herself.

Tyler and Bryndon Flint and Mitzy, Eagle, Boise, ID

 I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your expert training assistance at a recent training seminar in Everett. I have to admit feeling a little intimidated at first, since the seminar was primarily for the Everett police K9 handlers. But both you and the other instructor made me feel very welcome and took time to make sure that my own needs were addressed.

This training was absolutely the best thing I have ever done for my dog and me. As you know, Yury’s intensely strong prey drive had been the source of many horrible incidents, where he would take off chasing other people’s dogs or cats, scaring people to death in the process. Although I went through much obedience training with him (three obedience classes from two different trainers, agility training by a third trainer, and private home instruction by yet another trainer, not to mention hours and hours of on-our-own practice), I had virtually NO voice control when he was off leash and around other animals. Otherwise, he minded me fairly well. But I was greatly limited in what I could do with him, for he had to be on line ALL THE TIME – on a trail, in a dog park, even at the beach! Now, since the seminar, we have been SET FREE!! (for the rest of Connie's letter click here)

Connie Kehrer and Yury, Marysville, WA

I began Precision K-9’s training on Abby, my German Shorthair Pointer, the day after I picked her up at 12 weeks of age. The training I received from Paula allowed me to take Abby for walks down our country roads without the struggle of a puppy pulling every which way. At 12 ½ weeks, I brought Abby into work with me and my co-workers were amazed at how well behaved she was - especially for a hyper hunting dog! I get comments like “What a nice calm breed, that’s the kind of dog I want.” They of course do not know how hyper the breed is and I tell them that it’s all in the training method I was taught by Precision K-9. Thank you Paula!!!

Susan Janz and Abby, Eagle, ID

 I rescued an 18 month old Weimaraner from Weimaraner Rescue in Mtn. Home a couple of months ago. When I went to pick up Charlie, I found that he had spent a majority of the last 10 months in his crate at his previous owner's house, they had just had a baby and Charlie's energy level was too much for them to handle. So, needless to say, he was a bit of a handful. I sought the advice of Paula McCollum and Precision K-9, and what a difference! The training method is much more gentle than I thought. In a week Charlie knew his basic commands, in two weeks he was staying when asked and in three weeks I was going on walks in North Boise with Charlie off his leash! He is a completely different dog then the wired, crazy, out of control, lunatic he was when I got him. Thanks a bunch Paula and Precision K-9.

Sean Smith and Charlie, Boise, ID

 I would highly recommend Paula and her method of training. She came to
our house on a Sunday afternoon to show us what she could do. My husband and I do specific dog rescue (rottweiler rescue) we take in the abused and abandoned dogs. Some of them have no training. The dog in particular that Paula came over to help us with had never been socialized or been around other dogs. We believe that he had gotten into the wrong hands and he was pretty dog aggressive. We could not keep him with other dogs or there would be a major dogfight. We were told about the impressive results Paula's method of training achieved and were willing to try it on this dog (who weighed well over 100 lbs). She had us bring out another dog and continued to work with the other dog far away and slowly coming closer. In a few minutes he was at her feet and not looking at another dog. Paula was able to achieve more in 10 min than what another trainer had tried for a week. I highly recommend her to everybody.

Liz Kimble , Caldwell, ID

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